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About me

I am currently 19 years old. I grew up in North Reading, Massachusetts which is about 20 minutes away from Boston. I am a broadcast journalism major and currently go to Suffolk University. I am passionate about sports and want to become a sports broadcaster one day.


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150 Tremont Street, Boston, MA, 02111


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Personal Mission Statement

1.)  Write down key questions
2.)  Focus on key questions throughout your day
3.)  Before bedtime, instruct yourself to have a dream designed to derive answers to these critical questions
4.)  Upon awakening, record your dream
5.)  Give attention to dream interpretation found within any hidden symbolism
6.)  Pay attention to additional information that may arise in your mind later
7.)  If still unclear, retry the process or rephrase the key questions
8.)  Practice


Lessons from The Yin Yang Tree of Life

1.) Never kiss and tell
2.) Everyone needs a hug
3.) You can never have too many friends

4.) You’ll never regret being too generous


My 'Big 8' Leadership Traits

  1. Courage 

  2. Goal setter

  3. Good planner

  4. Scheduling

  5. Responsibility

  6. Team-builder

  7. Team player

  8. Effective listener